It is time to lay to rest the misguided, but popularly believed un–truth that in our world, gradual, step by step random mutations could have climbed the mountain of improbability and produced the magnificent abundance of the Earth’s biosphere.” (Dr. Gerald Schroeder, MIT)

Linguistic Evidence For Creation
The oldest written language in the world is Chinese. It dates back 4500 years, just shortly after the biblical account of the Tower of Babel, and consists of thousands of characters. Each of these characters is composed of individual symbols that represent the natural order. These all relate some story from the biblical book of Genesis.

Chinese Create Character.png

The Chinese character for ‘create’ combines the symbols for ‘speak,’ ‘dust,’ ‘life,’ and ‘walk’ to tell the Genesis story of how God fashioned man from the dust of the earth and then gave him speech by blowing the breath of life into his mouth (Gen 2:7)

Chinese Charracter for  Happiness.png

The Chinese character for happiness contains the symbol for God on the left side. On the right side are the symbols for one, mouth, and garden. The Chinese symbol for ‘mouth’ often represents a person. One mouth or person alone in the garden with God is the way the Chinese depicted happiness (Gen 2:8).

Chineses Character for Garden.png

The Chinese character for garden contains the symbols for enclosure, dust, breath, and a person with another person coming out of his side. This is a pictorial representation of the biblical account of the Garden of Eden where God created man from the dust of the earth, blew the breath of life into his mouth, placed him in the garden, and then created woman from one of his ribs (Gen 2:21-23).

Chinese Character for Forbidden.png

The Chinese character for forbidden is comprised of the symbol for command along with the symbol for two trees, referring to God’s command to Adam and Eve not to take from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the middle of the Garden of Eden. When they did, he drove them out of the garden to keep them from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life in their fallen state (Gen 2:16-17).


The character for covet tells the story of Eve, Adam’s  wife, succumbing to the temptation to take and eat forbidden fruit (Gen 3:6-7).

Chinese Character for Boat.png

Ancient Chinese history contains an account of a universal flood that closely parallels the one in the book of Genesis. The Chinese character for boat depicts eight mouths in a vessel. In the biblical account of the flood, Noah and his family, eight people in all, rode out the deluge in a big boat they built according to God’s instructions (Gen 7:11-13).

Chinese Character for Righteousness.png

The character for righteousness sums up the whole Bible message in just thirteen strokes. The top half of this character is the symbol for sheep. The bottom portion represents me. In the Old Testament, righteousness could only be imparted by covering the sinner with the blood of a sacrificial lamb. The sheep’s blood was nothing more than an empty ritual and had to be repeated over and over again. In the New Testament, the blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, fulfilled that same function. But Jesus’ sacrifice was a perfect sacrifice that took away sins forever (Heb 10:8-12).(1)

Why Is There A Universe?
Evolutionists maintain that all living beings originated from single cell organisms that grew in complexity through a process of natural selection over millions of years. According to them, there was no creator; the world somehow appeared in a big bang. Of course, there are myriads of problems with this theory. It violates some of the most basic laws of science like the law of cause and effect, which says that for every effect there must be a cause. Well, the Big Bang Theory says the universe has no cause and leaves unanswered the question of ‘Why?’ Richard Dawkins, noted proponent of evolution,says, “The essence of life is statistical improbability on a colossal scale.”(2) He nonetheless maintains that the laws of nature simply favor life. Can there be a law without a Law Giver? Francis Crick, who discovered the structure of DNA, believed that the only explanation for the rapid appearance of life on earth was the deliberate seeding of the planet. But then who did the seeding and where did they come from?

The biggest problem for the evolutionist is how to explain the emergence of living organisms from inert matter and the human spirit from a living organism without the involvement of a pre-existent Spirit. John 3:6 says, “What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit.

What are the Odds of Evolution?
Steven Hawkings, author of A Brief History of Time,  compared the probability of life evolving to a horde of monkeys producing one of Shakespeare’s sonnets by randomly pecking on typewriter keys. The likelihood of that happening would be minuscule. Even the odds of simply spelling out the poet’s name would be scant. If the monkeys had one random peck for each of the ten letters in the poet’s name, the chance that the first typed letter would be ‘s’ would be one in twenty-six. The chance that the second letter would be ‘h’ would also be one in twenty-six. The likelihood that the first two letters taken together would be ‘sh’ would be one in 26×26 and so on for the rest of the name. So the probability that a monkey could type just the word ‘Shakespeare’ by randomly pecking on the keys of a typewriter is less than one in a trillion. Would you bet on those odds? (3)

Suppose that, against all odds, a living cell did emerge over time. Without a fully evolved and functioning reproductive system, it would never be able to pass on its attributes. Furthermore, since cellular processes are essentially the same in all sexually reproducing organisms, chance would have to produce the same results over and over again for every species against enormous odds.

Explaining origins in terms of the acts of a creative and almighty God requires far fewer new assumptions than supposing the universe and all living things emerged spontaneously

Dr. Gerald Schroeder, double Ph.D. in nuclear physics and earth and planetary sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former consultant at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission says, “It is time to lay to rest the misguided, but popularly believed un–truth that in our world, gradual, step by step random mutations could have climbed the mountain of improbability and produced the magnificent abundance of the Earth’s biosphere.” (4)

Simon Conway Morris, professor of evolutionary paleo-biology at Cambridge University and Fellow of the Royal Society of England, is one of the world’s leading paleontologists. In his book, Life’s Solutions, Dr. Morris says, “Life is simply too complex to be assembled on any believable time scale,” but then goes on to say, “Evolution has the uncanny ability to find the short cuts across the multidimensional hyperspace of biological reality …” So rather than ascribe the order and intricate balance of life to an all–powerful, all–wise God operating with a plan, he chooses to attribute it to the “uncanny ability” of an impersonal, unconscious force acting aimlessly. (5) What ‘ability‘ does an unconscious force have? That would be comparable to stumbling upon a perfectly functioning Rolex watch lying on the beach and assuming the action of wind and waves had assembled the parts into a fully functioning time piece.

Archaeologists always assume intelligent human activity when they find such artifacts. But archeology is verifiable because the results can be compared with historical records. Not so with the study of origins. Hypotheses cannot be tested because scientists cannot go back in time. Therefore, they choose the least likely scenario when attempting to explain where things came from and how they got here. The most obvious conclusion would be that some Intelligent Being made everything. And, incidentally, archaeology has never contradicted biblical records.

Occam’s Razor
Sir Isaac Newton said, “We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances. Therefore, to the same natural effects we must, so far as possible, assign the same causes.” This principle is known as ‘Occam’s Razor,’ otherwise known as the ‘Law of Parsimony’ or ‘Law of Economy.’ It means that natural phenomena are best explained in terms of the hypothesis that makes the fewest new assumptions.(6)

Ruling out some causes because of a bias against the simplest and most logical explanation is not consistent with this principle. Explaining origins in terms of the acts of a creative and almighty God requires far fewer new assumptions than supposing the universe and all living things emerged spontaneously of their own volition. Where would the volition come from, anyway? Neither is the notion that mutations can cause improvements in a consistent progression borne out by science. Quite the opposite, mutations ordinarily cause a loss of information or sometimes a transfer of information, but they never cause an increase in information. There is no evidence that organisms become more complex over time. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Organisms become weaker, life spans become shorter and species die out, as you would expect in a world that has been cursed by sin because, “By sin death entered into the world” (Rom 5:12).

Evolution or Devolution?
According to the book of Genesis, people lived for almost a thousand years before the flood. The only survivors of the flood were Noah and his sons,  Shem, Ham and Japheth. These three were the progenitors of all the races of modern mankind. Genesis chapter 11 traces the descendants of Shem because he was the father of the Semite nations from which Abraham and the Jewish nation came. Shem was 100 years old when the flood came. He lived another five hundred years after the flood. Abraham was born 290 years after the flood. At that time, Shem was 390 years old. Abraham lived to the ripe old age of 175, but Shem did not die til the age of 600! He outlived Abraham by 35 years!! They both lived under the same environmental conditions after the flood. They probably ate the same foods. The only difference was their genetic makeup. Shem was born just 1500 years after creation. Abraham was born 390 years after him, 290 years after the flood. Over that period of time, the curse of sin and environmental and genetic degradation had so weakened the human genome that lifespans had decreased by a whopping 70%! (7)

Timeline Noah to Abraham.png

So how could the ancients produce such engineering marvels as the great Pyramids, moving huge stones great distances from the place where they were cut and achieving closer tolerances than than any modern stone cutting implements could achieve? Was it the work of aliens from another planet? No. More likely it was the work of human beings of far superior intelligence. The fossil record contains human footprints that are much larger than those of modern man and dragon flies with three foot wing spans. Air extracted from bubbles trapped in ancient amber show higher levels of oxygen than are present in our atmosphere. This would have resulted in greater strength, vigor, and intelligence. All these are evidences that creation is devolving and not evolving, as modern scientists would have us believe.

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